Shipping and Delivery

  •          Why can't I track my order?

Only items that are shipped through UPS are trackable on If you do not see the "track my order" button next to your order and it is in "shipped" status,then your item was shipped using a method other than UPS.

  •          What if my order does not arrive?

Most of our packages arrive in 3-7 days from the date the order was placed. However, some products may take longer to arrive due to size, weight, location, weather conditions, etc. Please allow up to 15 days from the ship date (as seen on the order status page) for your item to arrive.

If you have not received it by then, email Customer Service using the E-Mail link on the left or call us at 1-832-983-5377 (8am - 1am ET) for assistance.

  •          Can I buy from or ship to outside the US?

At this time, orders can be placed from and we can ship to the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Alaska and Hawaii .

There are times when we cannot ship an item to a specific state or outside of the continental U.S. due to the size and weight of the item and due to costs associated with air shipment or the lack of availability of independent land carriers.

Please check the item description specific shipping details about the item.

International credit cards are accepted at SHOPMONEYMART.COM.

  •          Why hasn't my order been shipped?

The majority of our orders are shipped the business day after the order is placed. However, there are some occasions when you may see a delay in the shipment.  The most common cause for a delay is when we have an exceptionally busy day and a large number of orders are received at one time. Some of these scenarios include:

Computer Orders

When we feature a great deal on a computer, we frequently receive a large amount of orders for that product at one time. When this happens, it takes several business days to prepare, customize, pack and ship the computer to you. We expect this delay and provide an expected delivery date that is typically 12 days from your date of order.

Clearance Days

During clearance days when we offer you some of the best deals available we can receive 2-3 times the normal order volume so it may take a few days to send out all shipments. Some products may be delayed in shipment due to their location or product type. For example:

Jewelry or Fashion Events

Our jewelry and fashion merchandise is usually shipped from the same location, so during our big events it may take a few days to send out all shipments.


Heavy/Large Items

Some products that are heavy or bulky may require special delivery that takes a few days to process (mattresses, furniture, fitmess equiplment). We appreciate your patience in these situations. Even though your item may take a few extra days to ship, you will still receive your product by the expected delivery date.

  •          When can I expect to receive my order?

Orders for all in-stock merchandise are processed and shipped within 24 - 48 hours M-F

We have several shipping options to meet your delivery needs:

Standard Delivery:

Most orders for in-stock items are processed within 24 hours and delivered 3 - 7 business days from your order date.

Standard deliveries are made by either UPS or the United States Post Office.

Express Delivery:

All Express orders for in-stock items are processed within 24 hours and delivered within 3 business days from your order date.

Express deliveries are made by UPS.

Super Express Delivery:

All Super Express orders for in-stock items are processed within 24 hours and delivered within 2 business days from your order date.

Super Express deliveries are made by UPS.

Additional Delivery Details:

Some specialty items may require additional delivery time. If a specialty item requires additional delivery time, it will be noted on the Product Details page of If ordering by phone, one of our representatives will provide you with shipping timeframes at the time of purchase.  

Express delivery methods may not be offered if the item is shipped directly from the manufacturer, or if product regulations prevent air shipment. The cost of Express delivery methods includes standard shipping charges plus the cost of expediting the shipping process to ensure timely delivery.

The common carrier is not affiliated in any way with SHOPMONEYMART.COM. The common carrier is not an agent nor is it a subcontractor of SHOPMONEYMART.COM. The common carrier is not authorized to represent or act on behalf of SHOPMONEYMART.COM. In all matters including the delivery services described above the common carrier is acting on its own behalf and not on behalf of SHOPMONEYMART.COM.

  •          What is extended delivery?

Some items are on extended delivery because SHOPMONEYMART.COM does not currently have quantity available, however, quantity is expected within a known timeframe. When you place an order, you will receive the expected delivery date. Your credit card (method of payment) will not be charged until the item is ready for shipment.