• How can I check the status of my order?

To view the status of your order on SHOPMONEYMART.com, sign into your account by selecting "Order Status" from the top of any page on SHOPMONEYMART.com and enter your email address or phone number and password. The preview will display the 5 most recent purchases and the basic details for the order including order date, order number, item name and the order status. If you know the order number, you can also go directly to those details by entering your telephone number and the order number.

To view details click on the order number. If the order you would like to review is not listed, click "View all Order History."

After clicking "View all Order History" you will be taken to the Order Status page that lists all purchases within the last 30 days. From here you can determine the status of your purchase and take action, such as canceling or tracking shipment when available.

If your purchase was ordered more than 30 days prior, select "Order History" to view purchases from the last 12 months. If you are a current customer and are unable to locate your order activity or shop on SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com, your email address may not be correctly registered to your SHOPMONEYMART.COM phone shopping account. Simply call Customer Service at 832-983-5377 (8am-1am ET), and we will promptly update your account information and you'll be shopping with full SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com access in no time!

For account security purposes, we are unable to perform account updates via email request.

  • What is my SHOPMONEYMART.COM Account number?

Your SHOPMONEYMART.COM account number appears on every packing slip accompanying your order. The SHOPMONEYMART.COM Account number is not required to sign into your SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com account, to place an order by phone or to send SHOPMONEYMART.COM an email.

Signing into your SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com account does require your email address and password.

For steps to open a SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com account, please view How do I set up an SHOPMONEYMART.COM account?

  • Why has my order been cancelled?

Orders can be cancelled by either you, the customer, or by SHOPMONEYMART.COM when appropriate.

If you have a question about your order status, please call SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com Customer Service at 1.832.983.5377 between 8:00am and 1:00am ET

  • Why am I being charged a fee for an item with free shipping and handling

We know you love free shipping and handling so we love offering it on your favorite items every chance we get!  Free shipping and handling is only available within the continental United States. The period of time that free shipping and handling is available on some items will vary based on the promotion, so be sure to check the current product detail information to confirm the shipping cost.  If the item available with free shipping and handling is being shipped outside of the 48 continental states (such as Alaska and Hawaii) there is a small surcharge. You will see that amount displayed during the checkout process before completing your order.


  • Why can’t I cancel my order after midnight?

Most orders can be canceled until midnight (ET) the day they are placed (excludes select items that ship same day/next day).

All credit card orders are processed at 12:00 midnight(ET) to ensure that we get your package to you as quickly as possible; therefore, orders must be canceled before 11:59PM ET on the same day the order is placed. We understand that there are situations where an order may need to be canceled or changed and to accomodate that need we wait until midnight to process orders. At midnight a systematic process begins to prepare your package for delivery.

Extending the timeframe to accomodate cancelations after midnight would have a negative impact on the delivery time for all of our customers. On an average day we ship 150,000 packages or more and we know the majority of our customers want their package as soon as possible.

Just for fun! Below is an outline of what happens to your order after it is processed.

1.) At midnight, your order information is sent electronically to our warehouse which changes your order status from "open" to "processed"

2.) Your order summary is printed then placed into a shipping box, along with the item/items you purchased. The majority of this process is systemically handled, with very few people actually handling your order.

3.) Trucks will remain at the SHOPMONEYMART.COM warehouse until they are full to capacity. Once the trucks are full, your order begins it's trip to your desired destination, beginning with the main UPS hub for that area. This is where you’ll see the first UPS scan when tracking your package.

As you can see from above, shipping an item to a customer is a highly technical process. Once the process begins, it is impossible for us to locate an individual package and stop it from being shipped.

  • How can I get a copy of my order summary or a proof of purchase?

To print an order summary which can be used as a proof of purchase sign into your account by selecting "My Account" from the top of any page on SHOPMONEYMART.COM.com and enter your email address and password. 

Then select "Order History to view your SHOPMONEYMART.COM purchases.

Locate the order in the list of items on the Order History page and select the order number to view details. Click on "Print Receipt" to print a copy of the details that will act as a proof of purchase.

How can I become an SHOPMONEYMART.COM Partner/Vendor?

The first step in becoming an SHOPMONEYMART.COM partner is to fill out the on-line application found by clicking the American Dreams link at the bottom of the SHOPMONEYMART.com.com page or email: products@shopmoneymart.com

How do I know if the product application was successfully submitted?

You will receive a confirmation message: Vendor Application Confirmation

Thank you for your product submission. You should receive an email within the next 60 days, letting you know if we are interested.

What happens after I receive a confirmation message?

After our Merchandising department reviews your submission, you should receive an email response within 60 days. If Merchandising is interested in learning more about your product, the email will indicate that someone will contact you about next steps. These next steps may include: setting up a phone call, a face-to-face meeting, and sending a sample to be evaluated by our Quality Assurance department.

How long will it take to get a response after I submit my application?

After our Merchandising department reviews your submission, you should receive an email response within 60 days.

Will the application be accepted if all required fields are not completed?

No. Only complete applications will be accepted; the submission form will not let you continue if required fields are not complete.

Can I save the partially completed application for a later time?

No. We do not offer the option of saving a partially completed application at this time.

Can I change my application after I submit it?

No. Please be very careful as you submit your application, because there is not a way to make any changes after the submit button is clicked.

Does SHOPMONEYMART.COM accept applications from overseas?

Yes, we accept vendor product submissions from companies outside the USA. Please note that we require a physical US address and US phone number on each application.

Is there a person, phone, fax number or e-mail address to contact concerning my application?

Yes. If you haven't heard back after 60 business days, you may contact us (products@shopmoneymart.com)

My picture won’t download to the website. Is there an alternative address to send my picture?

No. An electronic image of your product is required. You cannot complete the submission process without uploading a picture. Please note that the file format must either be .jpg, .gif, or .pdf and the image size must be under 500k.

Can I resubmit a product?

Once you have heard back from us, there is no need to resubmit a product.

Why does my image upload not work?

Images are required to be 500k or less in size and in jpeg, gif, or pdf format. Images cannot have special characters such as apostrophes or ampersands in their filename.

How do I enter Dollar Amount Covered for insurance?

The insurance coverage amount should be entered using numerals with no punctuation. Example: If your insurance is for $1,000,000.00 then you would enter 1000000 as the amount.

How do I enter my product dimensions?

Dimensions should be entered with numerals as LxWxH. Do not use symbols for feet or inches. Example: 32Lx20Wx10H.

How do I enter the Quantity Available amount?

The amount should be entered using numerals with no punctuation.

How do I enter the "Max # of Units you are able to ship monthly" amount?

The amount should be entered using numerals with no punctuation.



Does my product need to be manufactured before I submit my application?

You have the best chance if your product has already been manufactured, but a good pre-production sample is acceptable.

Will SHOPMONEYMART.COM help me manufacture my idea?

If your product is chosen, SHOPMONEYMART.COM may help you get your product manufactured, by referring you to a manufacturer.

How many products do I need to have for demonstration?

If your product gets chosen and you receive a request from the buyer to send a sample, two samples would be optimum. If the buyer decides to continue the process forward, he/she will discuss the need for future samples.

Is there a minimum number of items (amount of stock) that must be available for sale?

We would expect an amount of inventory to be available to support a purchase order of $5,000 minimum. The number of units needed depends on the product, features, and price point. If your product is chosen, the buyer can give you more information based upon your specific product.

What products is SHOPMONEYMART.COM looking for?

All kinds. Each product is reviewed for attributes that have the best opportunity for success. The SHOPMONEYMART.COM customer is an incredibly smart shopper, so items that have many of the following attributes tend to have the best opportunity for success: new, revolutionary, demonstrable, world launches, exclusives, unique, problem solving, solution oriented, value, quality.

Do you have any tips for prospective products?

We sure do! Here are 5 tips for producing a quality product:

  •          Give yourself the time to build a quality product. A good, quality product is developed when the appropriate amount of time is allotted for design, sourcing, testing, and development. Short cuts compromise quality, which can cost a lot in the long run.
  •          Your product will only be as good as your supplier. Do your homework before you decide who will produce your product. Assess the supplier's internal quality processes, production capabilities, and references.
  •          Get it right the first time. Be personally involved in testing your product and push it to its limits. Focus on performance, safety, workmanship, and packaging. You can't afford to learn about defects and poor quality after it’s in the marketplace.
  •          Think like a customer. Use your own product, make sure it does what you say it can do, and get honest feedback. Poor quality costs money and customers. You only get one chance to make a first impression with the customer.
  •          Expect quality from yourself. Your product is a reflection of you.