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A nutritious, delicious and filling cereal made with wholesome grains to provide energy for you and your family. Instant cereal - easy to prepare by just adding milk. ENERGY for a great start to your day. VITAMIN A To help provide good vision. IRON To help in the formation of red blood cells (transport oxygen to the cells). CALCIUM To help you have strong bones and teeth.

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Nutritious, easily digested, rice-based infant cereal with milk powder. For infants from 6 months of age and is NOT suitable for use as a breast milk substitute. Start by introducing simple cereals such as this rice-based infant cereal with milk powder which contains iron, and vitamins A and C, along with many of the essential nutrients to help with your baby’s growth and development. CERELAC Rice is gluten-free and available in a 400g tin. The GOODNESS of CERELAC Some of the features that contribute to the goodness of our CERELAC are: Infant cereal is the ideal foundation to a varied and balanced diet. CERELAC contains Iron, which contributes to normal cognitive development. CERELAC contains Calcium and Vitamin D, to help with normal growth of our little consumer's bones. CERELAC is Halal and suitable for Vegetarians. We don't use sucrose in most of our CERELAC products. Once prepared, CERELAC doesn't thicken and keeps its consistency. Ingredients: Cereals 54.1% (Hydrolysed rice flour, Rice flour), Skimmedmilk powder 24.5%, Maltodextrin, Vegetable oils (Palm, Rapeseed, Coconut, Sunflower), Minerals (Calcium carbonate, Ferrous fumarate, Zinc sulphate, Potassium iodide), Vitamins (C, Niacin, E, B1, Calcium pantothenate, A, B6, K, Folic acid, Biotin, D), Flavouring (Vanillin), Culture (Bifidobacterium lactis). Gluten Free.